“Frankly My Dear…”

I do give a damn about web, design aesthetic, and people. Which is why I created frankly. It was a choice to become great, not big.

Hello, I’m Rhett.

I really enjoy building things for other people to use and enjoy together.

Observing growth via meaningful user and customer interactions is a continued curiousity of mine.


How I Got Here

I’ve always loved technology and the internet. In the fourth grade (on take your child to work day) I rode with my dad to learn about his vision for creating a connected community. He was creating one of the world’s first web based community networks. All the while, shaking up the way things were always done. In 1998 my dad was introducing small business communities to the power of the internet, one by one. I knew then that people really can make things to help other people.

I studied Hospitality Management at Kent State University where I developed learned the importance delivering powerful guest experiences. It was during my time at school when I began my career with Hilton and The Walt Disney Company.

A few years after college, I pivoted into the world of advertising. I’ve been growing and refining my skills at one of Northeast Ohio’s top ad agencies. My specialities include photography, mobile marketing, social strategy and customer interaction.

When I’m not working, I’m tasting new craft beers, traveling with my Best Friend Forever (Kaylee) or sketching up floor plans for our future house. In the meantime, I’d love to talk to you about your organizations struggles.

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